“This novel enchanted me. Deeply researched and charmingly written, it resurrects not only John Ruskin, one of the most influential characters of the Victorian age, but his fascinating pupil Rose La Touche, who is portrayed so sensitively that you feel as though you know her. Highly recommended.”

Daisy Dunn, author of In the Shadow of Vesuvius

“This is an atmospheric and utterly convincing novel. We are taken into Mid-Victorian England, not merely the society but the life and consciousness of John Ruskin – one of the most important writers of the nineteenth century. Rebecca Lipkin has dug deep – has taken on the difficult story of his relationship with Rose La Touche, tackling the subject with great empathy in prose that is both detailed and vivid. A considerable achievement.”

Michael Crowley, writer and dramatist

Unto This Last draws the reader into the world of John Ruskin at a deeply felt, painful time in his life. Rebecca Lipkin’s thoughtful novel about this complicated man – and his often confusing world – is a pleasure to read and a very welcome addition for all lovers of Pre-Raphaelitism.”

Lucinda Hawksley, biographer of Lizzie Siddal

“Spanning twenty years, this book has it all; love, loss, tragedy, humour, secrets and plenty of drama…Unto This Last is an accomplished and astounding read…a masterful debut novel and I can’t wait to see what Rebecca Lipkin writes next.”

Juliet Butler, Bookliterati

“In keeping with the great Victorian novels themselves, it feels substantial and weighty, retaining the writing style while also being compelling and readable…Lipkin has taken a figure from the Victorian era and breathed life into him…a gloriously lavish, engaging and immersive book.”

The Quick and the Read

“An amazing piece of work…as rich in historical research as it is in imagination. I was impressed with the author’s ability to take us so deep within the psyche of this complicated man.”

Hayley Baxter, The Lotus Readers

“This book is a tour de force…Researched in immaculate and often uncomfortable detail, this is a book that takes you to the heart of Ruskin’s life and motivations, turning the spotlight not only on him but on the women of his story too.”


“An incredible experience to read, a moving and honest account of devotion…This is an overwhelming novel…a multi-layered picture of a special relationship in fiction, answering some questions and raising so many more as the reader becomes totally involved in the story of Ruskin and the much admired Rose.”

Joules Barham, Northern Reader

“This epic story has something for everyone; art, literature, love, scandal and a real sense of its setting in both time and place…this intriguing and original book transports you back into Ruskin and Rose’s lives and allows you to get to know real characters from history…you will be amazed how much some of his thoughts and emotions will resonate with you – even if he was living, breathing and loving a century ago.”

Jill Adams, On the Shelf Books

“Rebecca Lipkin’s passion for her subject seeps from every page of this book…You would have to travel a long way to find a more comprehensive examination of Ruskin and his life.”

Stacey Woods, It Takes a Woman

“Utterly entrancing…a fascinating and rich story that takes you back in time. This is one novel that will stay firmly on my bookshelves…It holds so much that each new reading will bring something new. Sublime.”

Shelley Fallows, Tales Before Bedtime

“An outstanding historical read…I just could not put it down.”

The Secret World of a Book

“Lipkin does his life, the disparity between the way historians regard him, and the way he was both perceived and he perceived himself, absolute justice. It’s actually strange to think of it as a fictional account, albeit one based on factual events, records and historical records, because Lipkin seems to capture him so well.”

Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog

“Very well written…in the style of a period novel while also managing to maintain a degree of self-awareness that allowed for a more critical eye on a range of topics such as mental health and Victorian attitudes in reference to women…a substantial and fascinating read that provides a considered look at the life and work of John Ruskin.”

Love Reading